The Unique Network

An international organisation that connects people with different businesses but those with shared values, philosophies and a pursuit of efficiency

If you believe in business networking but get frustrated that you never seem to generate the connections and ultimate revenues that your time warrants, you will like The Unique Network.

We focus on recruiting people with high quality skills, products and services but most importantly, we look for people with strong values and integrity – sincerity, substance and honour.

Does this sound like the network for you?

The Unique Network was formed in November 2012. Our mission is to create a special network that delivers measurable value to our members.

This ‘value’ could come in the shape of new knowledge, a business introduction, reading a special White Paper, a useful video or perhaps some virtual coaching.

At The Unique Network, we don’t want to become an International phenomenon like Linked In. Instead, we want our members to be noticed and to be assured of this we will cap our membership to no more than 1,000 members across the world.

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