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The Unique Network extends the hand of friendship to all business people who share our values and philosophies. Knowledge can be power but it can only be beneficial if it’s harnessed with action. Put the right knowledge, with an appetite for action, into the hands of the good people and special things can develop.

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The Unique Network hosts events of various sizes, in different locations and with varying objectives. We can connect the knowledge seeker with the knowledgeable in virtually every area of business. We are subject matter experts on business development, sales & marketing.

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At The Unique Network, we accept that everyone is different – different ideas, different business models and different objectives. In business, it is good and essential to be different but where we expect people to be the same is in their values. We tell the truth, we give respect to our business friends, we make time for those that make time for us.

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David Lilley met me after one of my fights. He complimented me on my win and offered to help me find a new Sponsor. He was true to his word and found me a great new sponsorship. He didn't ask for a single penny or favour for his efforts. David and I have now become firm friends and I feel confident in his integrity and loyalty to those who share The Unique Network values. I'm proud to be part of his business network.

Navid Mansouri
Navid Mansouri
Professional Boxer

I’ve known David Lilley for over 5 years now and over that time he has become a good friend to myself and the Sheffield Sharks. What I found with David is that he is a rare breed of businessman as he is prepared to help other people without expectation of anything in return. I am very happy to be apart of the Unique Network. It is a diverse group of businesses and people that hosts great events and valuable speakers. I would recommend signing up!

Mike Tuck
Professional Basketball Player

David Lilley has a great ability of bringing together different parties who can benefit hugely from joint research and development and sales opportunities that in turn result in profitable joint ventures. In essence David Lilley’s sales and marketing skills and boundless energy combined with his tremendous business acumen and people skills would make the success of any association with David Lilley a foregone conclusion.

Bill Munro
Chairman, Barrhead Travel

I have worked closely with David on large Association customers in building added value solutions to the membership . I particularly respect his knowledge and judgement because he applies strong principles and always focuses on his customer and driving their business forward . A joy to deal with and a great character who has supreme networking experience I feed from

Lee Turner
Hiscox Insurance

I first met David shortly after beginning my current role at Hotel Van Dyk through his involvement with Elastic FM. I was unfamiliar with the area at the time and had an exciting, but daunting, challenge ahead of setting up a new Business Club at the hotel, exclusively for local companies. As soon as I met David it was apparent that he was a genuine and warm character who has since played a key role in my personal career development by utilising his company, The Unique Network, to connect me with other passionate local businesses, keen to help another local business. Not only this but he has given his own time to provide advice and support when needed which has built the foundation for our strong working relationship. David is truly one of a kind.

Eleanor Stephenson
Business Development Manager, Hotel Van Dyk

Summarise David Lilley, where do I start.

I can say wholeheartedly that David is a truly great man. In the course of my work I have met thousands of business owners, mainly small independents who are enthusiastic and hard-working but more than often neglect the marketing of their business. David, and his business, Marketing Innovations, capitalises on this as he has an award-winning proven track record in sales and marketing, having generated millions of pounds in the B2B market, working for blue chip companies such as RCI Europe and American Express.

His knowledge of Social and Modern Media is simply incredible. He keeps abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the constantly changing social media sphere with applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube to mention just a few. He is an accomplished broadcaster, podcaster, video maker and video editor. His public speaking skills are superb and he knows how to entertain and educate and audience. I have seen the level of expertise he demonstrates from a simple idea being contemplated in his mind, to putting pen to paper, to create a few ideas. This quickly evolves into a full marketing campaign with online reports, sms, email and multimedia such as video, audio, online TV channels and YouTube channels. Importantly, each marketing method is trackable and cost effective.

As an individual I have the utmost respect for David. He is honest, trustworthy, loyal and works with complete integrity and is respected by everyone who knows him. His business network is vast and he provides an honest, practical assessment of what a business may need in terms of advancing its growth, its profits and its market share. He delivers a complete business marketing strategy, based on evidential statistics and reports and can only be described as an asset to any company who employs his services. He has a genuine, caring nature and looks for the best in people and shows true leadership quality. I am proud to know him, proud to say he is my friend and do not admire anybody more than David in the business world.

Paul Lee
Director, Aida Media Uk Ltd

David is one of a rare group of individuals with great strategic, conceptual and creative capability but also an ability to translate this into practical, logical and achievable actions that deliver first class results. His broad industry experience and focus on marketing and communication has no doubt assisted this. Over the fifteen years I have known him, David has demonstrated time and time again, a relentless and passionate drive for results coupled with the highest standards of personal integrity and accountability. Successful business people often demonstrate leadership or have great followership – David has both. From humble beginnings David has built an incredible knowledge of sales, strategic business development, coaching, training, marketing, communications and media. He has built a vast network of contacts, all of whom he can call upon.

David has the ability to be all things to all men – equally at home talking to a CEO or an owner operator. David possesses a positive and enthusiastic style, can do attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to always put the client first. His self-confidence and first class public speaking skills make him a dynamic and compelling presenter.

I have worked closely with David at several companies – his knowledge, integrity and personal accountability coupled with a great sense of humour and strong desire to enjoy “the job”, have made him a well respected, trusted colleague and business associate.

Paul Fry
Strategic Sales Director, Worldpay

I have known David now for over 10 years and have become great friends. We have worked on dozens of design and print projects together over the years and understand each others needs. David has many strengths, to name just a few: loyal, honest, reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. David thrives to succeed in life and that he does.

Rich Dane
Graphic Design Director, Brainstorm Graphics

Over the years I have worked with and encountered many individuals who fail to walk their talk. David Lilley is the opposite, he can be relied upon to deliver and will ALWAYS have his clients best interests at heart. His knowledge of cutting edge marketing/communication techniques is second to none and he has excellent presentation skills. He has a wide range of knowledge, acquired from the senior business positions he has held and specialist project work he has undertaken and furthermore he has a superb network of trusted professional contacts that he can call upon. He has a drive and energy that sets him apart and he tells things exactly as they are. He understands what is required to succeed in today's business world and you can be certain you are dealing with an individual who values his reputation and his integrity above everything. If there were more people like David not only the businessworld but the world in general would be a much better place to live in.

Mike O' Dwyer
Business Development Associate, Dolphin IG Ltd

David is a knowledgeable and confident in modern marketing practices. His 'Social Media Stripped Bare' workshop gave me valuable information about new resources we could use to better our digital marketing strategy and improve practices we already have in place. David is a great person to dialogue and bounce ideas with.

Erin Moran
Head of Marketing, UnGagged Ltd

David is a proactive strategic leader who has been a tremendous person to do business with. He is a team leader and player (at the same time), which is an important asset to all who deals with him.

It has been a pleasure working with him and I will certainly look forward to working with him on future projects.

Of note is his ability to listen to all sides and make executive decisions based on all of the information available; a rare trait indeed.

Brad Kruse
Sales and Marketing Executive, MAX Digital

I've worked with David, on and off for over 10 years now. At American Express he was by some margin the most successful salesperson in the EMEA Sales team, signing Morrison’s (amongst others) to accept Amex transactions at a substantial premium over Visa and Mastercard. More recently, David has worked with Pepper on two significant projects where has consistently delivered over and above the brief. If you want someone who brings great ideas, energy, commitment, and hard work then David’s your man!

Robert Craig
Board Director, 93:20 Advisory

David is one of the most outstanding speakers and motivators that I had the pleasure to work with. He coaches, motivates and inspires large and small teams to deliver great results. As a presenter he is first class, with a wide ranging menu and experiences. He was a real loss to RCI but a great asset to the companies he is currently contracted to. I have experienced his work ethics first hand and the great base of associates he brings to the table and can recommend his work to be first class.

Deon Jacobs
Managing Director, Astute Investor Club

As an American in the UK, when I re-launched a portfolio career in media after a decade of being a stay-at-home mom, the prospect of networking seemed daunting. I met David several years ago at a sporting event where I was TV presenting on a consistent basis. Over the course of several months, David and I met where he told me about one of Unique Networks relationships with a global health and wellness company. They needed a presenter, and the Unique Network created a bridge for a career opportunity that could only be done through relationships. I’m incredibly grateful that this past year I signed contracts for an ongoing role in a company I wouldn’t have connected with had it not been for David and his resourcefulness.

Jeannie Mcginnis
Professional Model, Actress

I have had the pleasure of knowing David for the last 5 years since launching my business. He has played a pivotal role in my life through sharing his knowledge and experience to help me start and grow my business. Through his networking events he has introduced me to a variety of people whom can help and support me. David is one of life's givers and nothing is too much trouble for him. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he freely shares with others to add value. He has been a huge inspiration and influence on my life and business. He is the expert in marketing and networking, I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. I consider David a friend whom I have grown to know, like and trust which is hugely important in business.

Claire Cahill
Confidence & Leadership Coach, Accendo Coaching

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