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The Unique Network extends the hand of friendship to all business people who share our values and philosophies. Knowledge can be power but it can only be beneficial if it’s harnessed with action. Put the right knowledge, with an appetite for action, into the hands of the good people and special things can develop.

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The Unique Network hosts events of various sizes, in different locations and with varying objectives. We can connect the knowledge seeker with the knowledgeable in virtually every area of business. We are subject matter experts on business development, sales & marketing.

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At The Unique Network, we accept that everyone is different – different ideas, different business models and different objectives. In business, it is good and essential to be different but where we expect people to be the same is in their values. We tell the truth, we give respect to our business friends, we make time for those that make time for us.

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The Unique Network (TUN) was formed by David Lilley and a small team of International business people.

The Unique Network Executive Team have all felt the power and benefits of effective business networking through their long and distinguished More…

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The Unique Network

An international organisation that connects people with different businesses but those with shared values, philosophies and a pursuit of efficiency.

If you believe in business networking but get frustrated that you never seem to generate the connections and ultimate revenues that your time warrants, you will like The Unique Network.

We focus on recruiting people with high quality skills, products and services but most importantly, we look for people with strong values and integrity  More…

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