How do challenges make you feel?

by haroop • February 4, 2017

It is true to say that most human beings have their attention grabbed more by a challenge (or something that is problem) than by a happy or positive story. This reality plays a very important part in modern marketing and advertising. When I teach my 360 Degree Marketing Course, amongst the course I share my […]

A chance meeting can trigger heart warming consequence

by haroop • June 27, 2016

I have know Zoe Edge for many years – or rather, I have known of her for many years. Zoe is the best known supporter of Chesterfield FC  and was quite rightly voted their best supporter in May 2016. Zoe lives in Clowne, a small town in the beautiful town of Derbyshire. 42 year old Zoe suffers […]

Where might you have found yourself?

by haroop • June 16, 2016

49 years ago, whatever planet earth power or godlike force that prevails placed me here in England. I was born as the child of caring and responsible parents. As a consequence, I had half a chance of a decent life. However, I could just as easily have been born into a third world country, with […]

How does it make you feel?

by haroop • June 15, 2016

Thought for the day. “One day, this reality will overwhelm you! If it doesn’t make you feel warm inside, if you cannot enjoy sharing it with others, if it doesn’t make the people in your life smile, whatever “it” is you’re doing, you should perhaps stop”

How To Book Safe & Great Value Holidays

by haroop • April 9, 2016

The Internet has changed the way we book our holidays. Many of us spend literally hours searching various websites, reading reviews on the likes of Trip Advisor and hoping we can get the great quality holiday that is essential to most families. On the 7th April 2016, I had the pleasure of speaking to Travel […]

Next Unique Network event to be held at The Superb Hotel Van Dyk

by haroop • April 9, 2016

We are delighted that our next event will be held at one of my favourite boutique hotels and restaurants. Hotel Van Dyk is just 3 miles from Junction 30 of the M1 Motorway on the road to Worksop. Our event is being held on Wednesday 22nd June 2016. The event starts at 1930. As usual, there […]

The Unique Network adopts The Child Foundation

by haroop • December 1, 2014

The Unique Network is pleased to adopt The Child Foundation as its favoured charity. Commenting on this decision, Managing Director of The Unique Network, David Lilley said: ‘As a founding Director & a Trustee of The Child Foundation, it’s only logical that The Unique Network should support the charity. Myself and my fellow Director Karen Child […]

Feedback after the first Unique Network Dinner – 5th April 2013

by haroop • April 21, 2013

“A wonderful evening” “Not just a networking event, so much more” “Please let us know when your next event take place” The three comments above were just some of the praise we received after our first event. The Unique Network intends to be “unique” in the events that we want to bring to our members […]

Next Unique Dinner Planned

by haroop • April 5, 2013

The Unique Network is already planning a second dinner… a dinner with a difference. Following on from the Richard Mccann Unique Dinner on the 5th April 2013, a TV personality will be the main guest at a respected Sheffield Hotel. Watch this space for more information.