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The Coffee Club
S3 8DA

Superb, weekly networking for businesses in the Derbyshire / Yorkshire area.  The Coffee Club Network is the brainchild of Deon Jacobs who has attended 1000’s of networking events nationally and Internationally. Deon has partnered with Mark Harrop,  whom he met at networking events in the past year. Both agreed that they want to take the best practice from the events they attended and create a new refreshing and exciting concept for business owners that want to achieve maximum return out of their time and money when attending a networking event. They looked at the strengths and weaknesses of networking events and want to offer something new, innovative and value for money. The intention is to bring new exciting networking events to South Yorkshire/Derbyshire with the focus on value and reciprocity. The events will be held at three new venues in the South Yorkshire area and will take place every Tuesday morning from 7.30am to 9.00am. we will bring exciting new speakers, invite the people you want to do business with and offer lots of added value.