Respect your network


“Showing gratitude and respect for the value people offer”

The demonstration of respect.  This is the single most important behaviour that sits at the heart of all good business networks.

The more effective business networks deliver quality introductions – introductions that eventually  lead to value and to written business and profit. In our own experience as prolific networkers, we find too many of the beneficiaries of a good introduction totally forget the value of the first introduction and what it often goes on to deliver.

The best business networkers always look to show appreciation for quality introductions and, when business is written on the back of a quality introduction, it’s fitting that the catalyst to the business opportunity (the original introducer) is given a tangible reward. The best networkers ensure they always provide a tangible reward when an introduction warrants this.

ACTION: Take some time now to think back on your business career. Picture the faces of all the people who’ve given you good introductions and value to and vice versa. Now ask yourself the questions:

  1. Did you get the reward your introduction deserved?
  2. Did you ensure you rewarded the person who made a good introduction for you?

The Unique Network only welcomes members who respect the philosophy and values that we describe above.

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